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Sclerotherapy is a series of small injections to help seal the vein from the inside allowing the body to naturally redirect blood flow to healthy veins. After Sclerotherapy you will need to elevate your legs for a short time. May see some bruising.
This procedure is most often used to treat visible spider veins and small varicose veins near the surface of the skin. A painless sclerosant is injected into the veins, causing them to shrink, close off and eventually disappear. Although two to five treatments are often needed, the results are long-lasting.
Advantages of Sclerotherapy include:
  • No downtime
  • Less likely to stain skin
  • Long-lasting results
  • Fewer allergic reactions
  • No scarring
Because vein disease is progressive and has no cure, we recommend regular follow-up visits after every type of treatment.
FREE Vein Screenings are available at ALL locations.

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