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Most men I know work really hard for the things they value in life. Having a good job, caring for significant others, and keeping in shape all take work and time.

It’s good to know that some very good, even life-altering things, can happen in a man’s life that don’t necessarily require a great deal of exertion. For example, any one of the following treatments can significantly change your life – hardest part is just making the call to one of our many locations in western Pa.

Let’s face it, we are not getting any younger. Work, stress and even play can take years from our appearance, especially on our face. With men spending more than $4 billion each year on cosmetic treatments, it’s now normal to see a male friend or co-worker at your local medical spa trying to restore a youthful glow. Many men work in factories, steel mills and construction sites, where you can find tons of chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Years ago, we didn’t have the technology to prevent or correct the damage from these chemicals, fumes etc., but now, with resources like Body Beautiful Medi-Spa, we can repair and learn how to protect the largest organ in our body (your skin). Here are some great example of why men would come into the spa:



  • Happy wife/girlfriend
  • New youthful glow to your skin.
  • Competitive edge with the ladies
  • Whiter smile that can land you a job.
  • Feeling and looking great
  • No unsightly hair (Nose, ears, arm etc.)
  • Remove that unsightly moles or birthmark
  • Smaller waist that can fit in your old jeans
  • Live healthier without spider veins
  • Struggling with acne or scarring


Teeth Whitening-

Did you know that there is a correlation between high self-esteem and a white, confident smile? Or that studies have shown that people who have whiter teeth look younger than people who don’t? Our whitening gel was developed by an ISO Certified Dental Laboratory for fast whitening and lasting results.  Originally developed by a team of dental professionals, this is a simple 15 minute procedure without the dentist’s price!


Laser Hair Removal-

Our laser treatments, designed specifically for hair removal, can control hair problems. The procedure works by reducing the density and coarseness of hair and reducing growth in unwanted areas.  Because hair grows in phases, several treatments are required until the majority of hair follicles are damaged or destroyed, making them incapable of producing hair. Your confidence will increase as our laser technicians work to improve your appearance.


Tattoo Removal-

Our professional staff will remove that decision you made years ago. You don’t have to live with your unwanted tattoos anymore!


Male Breast Reduction –

Have you been living with enlarged male breasts? Many men are embarrassed by this condition, refusing to go shirtless – even at the beach.  With modern advances in liposuction, the excess fat tissue can be removed safely. Following the procedure, the discomfort is easily treated with a simple analgesic such as Aspirin. Our doctors have seen the remarkable transformation of many happy patients.



You’ve tried diet and exercise but can’t seem to get rid of unwanted fatty areas on your body.  Or, perhaps you have lived for years with a double chin, or love handles that appeared out of no where when you hit 40.  With modern liposuction, a procedure in which fat deposits are carefully suctioned out of the body, excessive fat deposits can be removed. This safe, cosmetic procedure can reshape those disproportionate or unsightly contours of the body. With an artistic eye and a careful attention to detail, our doctor will remove just the right amount of fat for pleasing results.


Skin Tightening and Deep Wrinkle Reduction-

If you’ve been living with problem areas on your skin such as deep wrinkles, acne scars, melasma, stretch marks, crow’s feet or blotchy areas, let us improve the look of your skin with treatments using our Fractional Laser. By delivering an array of high-precision micro beams, the laser treatment triggers a restorative natural healing process that creates healthy new tissue, including the creation of new collagen.



You’ve worked hard and played hard outdoors, but all that time in the sun has had a damaging effect on your skin. Our skin treatments can remove the sun and age spots that may have begun to appear on your arms, face and even the top of your head (where hair has thinned). Using an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device, high intensity wavelengths reach deep within the skin’s layers to rejuvenate the skin. With minimal discomfort and short healing time, you can get the appearance you’ve been wanting in no time. Just call, and let us do the work!



Reduce your wrinkles and frown lines while boosting your self-confidence with our quick, convenient and incredibly effective Botox treatment.


Juvederm/Fillers –

Wrinkles and frown lines from age, sun damage, wind and contaminants that you think have to stay with you forever, can be eliminated with fillers!


Spider Veins (Face, Legs, etc.) –

As you age, spider veins, age spots and broken capillaries begin to appear. We can get rid of your concerns with our fastest, safest treatment, Intense Pulse Light Therapy.

Many men who receive our suggested cosmetic treatments also benefit from Addiction Suppression (smoking, appetite, etc.)