Information about Cosmetic Services


Changing Your Rear View

If you’ve recently tried on your bathing suit and been less than satisfied with the back view in the mirror, Hopewell plastic surgeons at Advanced Liposuction Center want you to know that you can improve the appearance of your buttocks

Prepping for Plastic Surgery

At Advanced Liposuction Center, our Cranberry Township plastic surgeons help patients achieve the look they want and correct aspects of their bodies that they are dissatisfied with using a number of cosmetic surgery options. All of our procedures utilize the

Protecting Your Skin

At Advanced Liposuction Center, our plastic surgeons offer Pittsburgh area clients many procedures to improve the appearance of the skin and reverse damage done by the sun. Limiting your exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays will definitely help reduce

Fat Transfer: True or False

At Advanced Liposuction Center, we find that patients often have preconceived ideas about fat transfer procedures that are incorrect. Hermitage plastic surgeons want clients to know that there have been considerable medical advances since liposuction first came on the scene,